27 JAN—24 MARCH 2019

What would change if we knew we could live forever?

Skeuomorph is a new video installation that imagines a world in which humans have evolved to become immortal in a virtual world. Each video presents the thought patterns of the four characters which Pedro calls Tripplesapiens, as they attempt to make sense of their own ethical resolves. Pedro calls us to reflect on the fact that in many ways we will continue to live on forever, as we have uploaded so much of our identities into the virtual.

Skeuomorph is the second part of Pedro Moreira’s series ‘The Tripplesapiens’, an ongoing work that analyses virtual landscapes of 3D generated videogames as a form Utopia. Inspired by the artist’s idea of ‘heaven’, instilled by their Mormon upbringing, the world of the Tripplesapiens is one in which humans have evolved, through a techno-biological process similar to that of imago (found in metamorphosing insects), into a state of immortality, where time is spent improving individual skill sets and learning more about new and past worlds.

Pedro Moreira is a multi-media artist who lives and works between Porto and London.