Current Exhibition

Rosie McGinn — 3 for 1

Opening Event 1 Nov 2018 | 7–9pm
Exhibition 4 nov—12 dec 2018
Closing Event 13 dec 2018 | 7–9pm

Picnic is proud to present three new installations by Rosie McGinn. Each piece explores how as humans we push ourselves to extreme limits and chase after euphoric experiences in the search for our place in the world.
A leopard printed bingo woman rises and falls in the frenzied moment of winning a full house. The world’s strongest men are captured in endless loops lifting an unimaginable weight. 90s club ravers are forever caught in a moment of dancing ecstasy. By repeating these moments in a never ending cycle, McGinn attempts to amplify and question our cultural restlessness.

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Past Exhibition

Ben Doherty — Serious Hats

15 Sept—27 Oct 2018
Private view 14 Sept 7.30—9pm

For our inaugural exhibition, artist Ben Doherty is presenting a large mixed media installation. Dyed and crumpled sheets cover up the windows, you can only glimpse the strange sculptures lurking on the inside through tears and holes in the fabric. These objects reference improvised talismans, or religious clothing – like humorous oversized bishops’ hats.

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